Extension Tables

Genuine “A” Grade Teak, Kiln Dried, Commercial Construction.

Available in sizes:

From 70cm x 120cm x 160cm to 120cm x 120cm x 160cm
From 70cm x 130cm x 180cm to 120cm x 130cm x 180cm
From 80cm x 160cm x 220cm to 120cm x 160cm x 220cm
From 80cm x 180cm x 240cm to 120cm x 180cm x 240cm
From 90cm x 200cm x 300cm to 120cm x 200cm x 300cm
From 100cm x 230cm x 290cm x 350cm to 120cm x 230cm x 290cm x 350cm
From 100cm x 250cm x 310cm x 370cm to 120cm x 250cm x 310cm x 370cm

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